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The orgines of the personality cult (examinating the Bible)

In this short biblical history, you will understand what arrives when a people decides to confide his destiny to a man instead of confiding in the wisdom.


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Explaining the origins of the African problems… for a good assimilation

The Origin of African Problems 2015oct13-ENG

Before the arrival of the colonization, lots of African societies were organized in a traditional lineage system (family, clan, ethnic, ethnic group, etc). These societies formed some nations relatively huge. This was, geographically and politically, materialized by villages, kingships; and even by empires with ways of organization, of economy and management suited to their size and their complexity.

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The Federalitude: a new movement to enhance democracy, peace and prosperity in Africa

 Write Federalitude ENG 20150926

Introduction: A rich continent but with impoverished people

Africa is filled with natural resources (rivers, sun, forests…) and all sort of raw materials. But the continent is also characterised by a vast diversity of living beings (people, flora, and fauna). However the African culture seriously struggles to be maintain, protected and developed due to globalisation but still exists nevertheless. Lire la suite